The farms listed here are some of the finest in our area and provide Panciuto with our meats, grains and produce. The menu is created each week, inspired by their passion and weekly harvest. It is their hard work in the fields that allows us to cook this way. Using the links below, you can find many of these farmers at the Durham and Carrboro Farmers’ Markets. Mileage listed is proximity to Panciuto.


Angels Nest Farm and Bakery32 miles
Bluebird Meadows14 miles
Bon Lee Grown Farm45 miles
Bracken Brae Farm10 miles
Brinkley Farm24 miles
Cane Creek Farm23 miles
Capritopia Farm48 miles
Catbriar Farm38 miles
Celebrity Dairy28 miles
Chapel Hill Creamery12 miles
Contrarian Farm90 miles
Core Sound Seafood, Harkers Island NC – 200 miles
Fickle Creek Farm7 miles
Flat River Nursery15 miles
Four Leaf Farm15 miles
High Rock Farm38 miles
Homegrown City Farm13 miles
Hurtgen Meadows Farm3 miles
Lil’ Farm6 miles
Lindley Mills33 miles
Little Tree Farm36 miles
Maple Spring Gardens7 miles
Maple View Farm8 miles
Minka Farm12 miles
Old Mill of Guilford53 miles
Piedmont Biofarm38 miles
Pine Knot Farm12 miles
Roberson Creek Farm – 35 miles
Root Down Farm – 18 miles
Spain Farm45 miles
Timberwood Organics6 miles
Whitted Bowers Farm9 miles
Wild Hare Farm9 miles
Wild Scallions Farm28 miles
Woodfruit Mushroom Farm – 20 miles
Yogi’s Nest – 12 miles