Sample Menu

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Our menu changes a little bit every day, noticeably week to week, and completely month to month. It is always dependent on what our farmers are pulling from the ground right now. This sample menu is typical of a dinner menu at Panciuto.


Ricotta gnocchi, dried tomatoes, saffron whey butter,
cucumber-scallion vinaigrette, pork belly, parsley

Smoked littleneck clams, green tomato brodetto, fried
potatoes, shishitos, red pepper aioli, breadcrumbs

Grilled rabbit leg al mattone, hops and honey glaze,
corn pudding, pardon peppers

Sharable smoked pig tails, scallion, agrodolce syrup


Chitarra, whole shrimp, lump crab, cucumber strings,
pancetta, heirloom tomato butter, basil, breadcrumbs

Goat cheese-chive filled tortelloni in cream, mushrooms,
grilled carrots, pickled beets, breadcrumbs, rosé syrup

Garganelli, pork sausage, tomato butter, sherry,
goat cheese, sweet marinated peppers, arugula, field peas,
basil, breadcrumbs


Pan seared pink snapper, roasted corn risotto, shishito
peppers, tomato-prosciutto vinaigrette, crispy okra

Grilled pork shoulder, pepper jelly glaze, fermented turnip-
squash pajeon pancake, fried green tomatoes,
sungolds, basil aioli


Spicy marinated tomatoes

Green beans, basil pesto, parmesan

Eggplant-cornmeal fritters, pepper aioli

Grilled bread, Carolina Moon, chanterelles, vincotto


Chocolate filled brioche, warm coffee bean chocolate,
orange marmalade, cayenne ice cream

Blueberry panna cotta, biscuit cobber crumb, lavender-
moscato brodo

Please note there is a $10 surcharge on shared entrees Fridays and Saturdays.
A standard 20% gratuity will be added for parties of 6 or more.
We can only divide checks up to 6 ways.
Split checks must be divided equally on parties of 7 or more.