Sample Menu

March 2015

The menu changes a little bit every day, noticeably week to week, and completely month to month. It is always dependent on what our farmers are pulling from the ground right now. This sample menu is typical of a dinner menu at Panciuto.


Roasted pork loin carpaccio, crispy butternut, fig jam vinaigrette,
arugula, goat cheese

Barely-wilted spinach, boiled egg, anchovy oil, pecorino, vincotto,
parsley aioli, breadcrumbs

Ricotta gnocchi en creama, whole grilled red beet with tops, pancetta,
balsamic syrup, breadcrumbs


Black spaghetti, shrimp polpette, mushrooms, HOT chili paste, sunny egg, fermented radishes, stinging nettles, pork brodetto

Goat cheese tortelloni, mushrooms, leek cream, radishes, crispy radish tops,
sunny egg, pepper jelly, breadcrumbs

Hand rolled scilatelle, pulled pork, crauti burro, oyster mushrooms, little carrots, mache, breadcrumbs, parmesan, rosé syrup


‘Broken’ grilled striped bass, fried sweet potatoes alla carbonara, pancetta,
crispy radish tops, tiny arugula, pickled radishes, horseradish cream

Pan seared beef tenderloin, crispy fried oysters, polenta gnocchi, field peas
en creama, arugula, pickled jalapeños, parcel aioli


Braised turnips, pork belly, pot likker

Grilled country bread, pork nibblins

Fried shad roe-polenta cake, shad sausage, horseradish aioli


Chocolate polenta cake, malted milk ice cream, crushed peanut brittle

Blueberry quark crespelle, berry-lavender moscato, almond biscotti

Please note there is a $10 surcharge on shared entrees Fridays and Saturdays.
A standard 20% gratuity will be added for parties of 6 or more.
We can only divide checks up to 6 ways.
Split checks must be divided equally on parties of 7 or more.